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Wildlife Cruise

2 Hour cruise Intended for everyone     A two-hour wildlife tour around the beautiful island of Carna.   Start at Laga bay and head across the Loch and into the rich tidal waters of Caol Carna, a favourite fishing ground for otters and herons. Passing through the narrows we head down to Loch Teacuis and the seal colonies. On the way there will be arctic and common terns nesting on the rocks as well as black and red throated divers in the loch. On the way back we return around the west side of Carna, seeing more seal rocks and shag nests on the cliffs. Rounding the northern end of Carna there is a good chance of porpoise in the deep water between the Carna and the mainland, before returning to Laga.

Mull Sea Eagles

4 Hour cruise Intended for enthusiasts   A four-hour trip to the sea eagle nest at Bloody Bay on the Island of Mull. Although this is a very focused trip there are also plenty of opportunities to spot other wildlife on the way with a tour around the Isle of Carna to start, a favourite haunt for otters and seals, before heading further out past Oransay and Ard Slignish to Mull. On arrival at Bloody Bay we drift close in to the shoreline right under the sea eagle's nest site. The birds are always in the area, depending on the time of year they will either be maintaining the nest, sitting or feeding fledglings. Over the years the resident pair have become habituated to visitors, and are not disturbed by our presence, allowing us 95% or greater succes rates on our trips.   The confidence of the eagles and calm waters in the bay make for excellent observation and photographic conditions, and we usually stay at least an hour in Bloody Bay. giving you plenty of time to appreciate one of Britain's most impressive birds.

Tobermory Wildlife Cruise

6 Hour cruise Intended for families, wildlife and lunch     This is a wildlife tour, with time in Tobermory for lunch.   Ardnamurchan and Tobermory have historically always been linked by sea. In the past boats sailed from as far as the head of Loch Sunart collecting at all points west eventually going through to Tobermory. As you relax in the stress free environment of a boat, you will be recreating the traditional route to Tobermory, including in particular the picturesque detour around the remote island of Carna. On the way you will be introduced to the local populations of wildlife which could include eagles, otters, porpoises and seals, as we do on our popular Sunart trips. This trip is also perfect to take the Tobermory distillery whisky tour which runs every hour on the hour, booking advisable in the season.

Whale Watching

8 Hour cruise Intended for the adventurous     Go whale watching in the beautiful plankton-rich unpolluted waters around Ardnamurchan peninsula and the Inner Isles. See the small rocky islands with white sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful turquoise sea. With 30 years of experience backed up by Laurenca's navigation and depth sounding equipment, we can locate cetaceans in the deep waters off our shores. Whales, dolphins and porpoise, and also Europe's largest fish - the basking shark are all to be found here. Then on to visit the Island of Muck with lovely walks, beautiful white sandy beaches, seals, birds and wild flowers. There is also a small craft shop and licensed restaurant, with wonderful fresh sea food.   This trip has a capacity of 12 guests aboard our 38 foot Aqua Star Laurenca II This is an all day trip suitable for the more adventurous, depending on the conditions and wildlife we can stay out for up to 10 hours. Departure time is 09:30 from Laga Bay.

Private Charters

Exclusive, cutomised wildlife cruises and general boat charters for up to twelve persons

Self Drive Boat Hire

Self Drive Boat Hire for up to 6 persons

Laga Lodge

Fabulous Loch side 3 bedroomed lodge. Drying room, on site pontoon & moorings, dive air.

Isle of Carna

Island accommodation that actively supports native Scottish wildlife