Mull Sea Eagles

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4 Hour cruise

Intended for enthusiasts


A four-hour trip to the sea eagle nest at Bloody Bay on the Island of Mull. Although this is a very focused trip there are also plenty of opportunities to spot other wildlife on the way with a tour around the Isle of Carna to start, a favourite haunt for otters and seals, before heading further out past Oransay and Ard Slignish to Mull. On arrival at Bloody Bay we drift close in to the shoreline right under the sea eagle's nest site. The birds are always in the area, depending on the time of year they will either be maintaining the nest, sitting or feeding fledglings. Over the years the resident pair have become habituated to visitors, and are not disturbed by our presence, allowing us 95% or greater succes rates on our trips.


The confidence of the eagles and calm waters in the bay make for excellent observation and photographic conditions, and we usually stay at least an hour in Bloody Bay. giving you plenty of time to appreciate one of Britain's most impressive birds.

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11:50 Check in at Laga Bay

12:00 Depart Laga Pontoon

12:10 Watch out for porpoise off the north end of Carna

12:15 Risga channel and a raven's nest

12:30 Seal colony on Slignish Mhor

13:00 Arrive at Bloody Bay

15:00 Depart Bloody Bay

15:30 North shore of Oransay, another favoured spot for porpoise

16:00 Return to Laga Bay


A very focused trip dedicated to the sea eagles

Two hours or more at Bloody Bay within fifty yards of the eagles

Superb photographic opportunities

A good chance to spot seals, porpoise and in shore sea birds too

Extremely high success rates spotting eagles


  1. Laga Bay
  2. Carna Channel
  3. Risga Channel
  4. Slignish Mhor
  5. Bloody Bay
  6. Oronsay
  7. Risga
  8. Laga Bay