Two Hour Wildlife Cruise

Two Hour Wildlife Cruise

Intended for everyone…

A two-hour wildlife tour around the beautiful Isle of Carna.

Start at Laga bay and head across the Loch and into the rich tidal waters of Caol Carna, a favourite fishing ground for otters and herons. Passing through the narrows we head down to Loch Teacuis and the seal colonies. On the way there will be arctic and common terns nesting on the rocks as well as black and red throated divers in the loch.

On the way back we return around the west side of Carna, seeing more seal rocks and shag nests on the cliffs. Rounding the northern end of Carna there is a good chance of porpoise in the deep water between the Carna and the mainland, before returning to Laga.


  • An easy and relaxed trip with great variety of wildlife.
  • Suitable for all ages and endurance levels.
  • Spectacular scenery and rich natural and human history in the area.
  • Otters, Eagles, Porpoise and Divers are commonly spotted.
  • See the Island of Carna and learn about its conservation projects.